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Droob Real estate Middle east

Droob Real estate Middle east

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We aim to be the leaders in digital Real Estate solutions in the Middle East.

Droob real estate co. made a strong progress together with its clients and partners in Saudi Real Estate market.
The great mission that we believed was leading our client’s investments to the target goals, raising the growth of business to keep level with them expectations.
We are a proud to share our success stories with our clients, partners even competitors to expand our incredible local\international vision plus our qualitative service.

Here a quick headlines of our recently achievements:

  • Droob gain an exclusive contract to marketing AlKhamis Mall, one of largest shopping malls in south of Kingdome located in Khamis Mushate city and invest around of 100k square meter… more
  • Making Partnership Deals in Real Estate projects with some of industry elites like Abudualziz Al-Musa, Musa Al-Musa,Khaled Al-Baltan,Ali AlRajhi,Abdullah AlLuhaidan and Saleh al-Saqri or leading companies in that field, Dar AlArkan as an example.
  • Droob Real Estate will manage and maintain Ibn Rushd Educational and commercial property inside and outside Saudi Arabia. the property includes 9 buildings distributed in Riyadh,Abha and Jizan as well as Spain…more

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